Worship Tech

Team Leader: Duane Kautz – duane.a.kautz@snapon.com // 810.338.4725

Volunteers are needed to serve one Sunday/month on the Tech Team. We welcome you to sit in with the Tech Team during the Sunday morning service and see what Tech is all about. We will give you a tour of the tech booth before the service starts and then have you experience the service in real time. After the service, you can ask questions regarding specific areas of Tech that interest you.

Opportunity available: ongoing

Age Restriction: middle school, high school & adults

Experience required: none

Most of the volunteers currently on the Tech Team had little or no experience when they joined. They just have a heart to serve and were willing to be trained in an area they were unfamiliar with. We desire to help you succeed, so training will be provided at a pace you are comfortable with, should you decide to join. We are a TEAM and we love to work together and “cover each other’s backs”.

Specific jobs: Computer Technicians, Light Technicians, Sound Technicians,