What you are looking at right now is the key to getting connected here at Country!


In today's world, smallGroups are often viewed merely as a program or a fellowship ministry within the church.  But for the New Testament Church in the Book of Acts, it was a way of life, encompassing every area of their lives.  Their relationships with one another were critical to their pursuit of Jesus, their growth in Christ and their ability to share with those around them.  smallGroups are an integral part of "being" the church and not just "doing" church.  The cool part is we don't have to be "fixed" before we join or "brush up" on our bible knowledge.  We come as we are and experience what God intended for us all along...



At Country, we believe church is more than just an hour on the weekend.  The church is not a building, it is people, and it happens as we live life with others.

life GROUPS are your way to connect with others in your community throughout the week.  They are centered around God's Word and a common mission.  We pray, eat and spend time together as we focus on living out Jesus' teachings.

discovery GROUPS

Curious about the Old or New Testament? Want to study a book of the Bible?  Want to have a better marriage?  Does the Bible really say that?

discovery GROUPS are topic-based groups that delve into the discovery of godly practices and new information while growing new friendships and living life with others.

restore GROUPS

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression or addiction, it can be hard to walk through it alone.  The support that you get from a recovery program or a support group may be just what you need to move forward with your life.

restore GROUPS address life challenges like grief, divorce, integrity, and addiction.  Seasons of our life can be challenging and restore groups are here to support you as you take next steps.