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A family member is in a continued battle with health issues.

He's losing weight. He eats as much as the nausea/small stomach will permit and then struggles to keep it down. He's also dealing with sciatica and arthritis.


Friend traveling Jan

Family member having a heart cath on Feb 4 at 2pm and her dementia is progressing.

Please pray for my father who is battling severe anxiety and depression. He has thoughts of suicide and can barely function on his own at this point. I would love some wisdom on how to best help him without making him feel like he is a burden. I also do not live close to him.


Please pray for God to enter me and to make an intervention in my life quickly. Please ask God to enter me in the future to stop attacks from the enemy. Please pray for me healing as well, I am very sick. I want help from God as I am forced into satanic worship and I want you to pray specifically with faith for God to enter me to bring me to a safe place to live and to find help.Thank you, just a quick prayer request. God bless you. Please also pray for God to enter my friend and to bring him peace and protection.


Feb 13th. Our son is having out patient surgery to remove a lump in the throat area. Please pray for his recovery and the lab results.

UPDATE: Son came through his outpatient surgery well. Doctor said it looks non cancerous. Final results in a week. God is good. Thank you.

UPDATE: Our son's tumor results came back benign. PTL


We have been looking for the perfect home for our family for a while now but unfortunately nothing has worked out. There is one house that we are truly in love with and keeps falling back into our lap but is a little more expensive than we want to take on. Our prayer is if this house is the perfect home our Lord has picked for us it will all work out but if not we just keep praying the perfect one will come soon!

Brandon and amanda

A friend is facing possible kidney transplant or dialysis will be talking to the doctor .


My nephew's baby girl was born today with extra chromosome . She passed away a couple hours after she was born. Please pray for him and his family as they are going through these hard times. He is a pastor and knows the Lord. This still is hard to handle. Thank you.


My friend’s mom fell last week on the ice in her driveway. She is currently in the hospital with a broken leg and shoulder. She also severed the artery in the back of her knee and the doctors are working to keep her artery functioning. She is in for her third surgery last night as the vein keeps blowing. Please pray for healing. Thank you.


Please pray for me. Tests have concluded I have a cancerous lump and tomorrow will be discussing the treatment plan with Dr.s Please pray that the cancer is contained in the already known lump and has not spread anywhere else. Also I am asking for prayers of wisdom to know the nexts steps to take.