Online Prayer Wall

A very close, longtime friend in Tennessee, let me know that she was diagnosed

with bladder cancer. Treatments have started but they are difficult to endure.

Please pray she has a great outcome because she cares for her husband

who has only 20% heart function. Heartfelt thank yous.


For my sister to get the help she needs to heal and to make her way back to her family.


My son seems to have depression; 18 years old and not sure where his life is going. He doesn’t currently live with me, lives with his dad and is a senior. He used to go to church, but stopped when his dad and I got divorced 5 years ago. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone, but seems to not have much hope. I’m praying for mentors to come into his life.


Be with my family as we lost my step son tonight, also please keep my niece in your prayers as she recovers from a car accident that happened Sept 18, she fractured her vertebra, broke her tibia and ankle, she had surgery on her ankle Wed Oct 2. and please keep my dad in your prays too as he was diagnosis with Prostate Cancer in July and is going in for surgery on Oct 10 to have his prostate removed.


My nephew was in a bicycle accident and is in serious condition with a head injury. He has had surgery and is in ICU. Please pray him.


Please continue to pray as he is having surgery Monday morning September 23 for a tracheotomy and a feeding tube.


My older sister has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. On Monday Sept. 23 she will be having surgery to remove her thyroid and some lymph nodes in her neck. Right now they do not know much so I am going to assume they will know more after the surgery? Thank you for your prayers!


In the hospital with kidney stones. Please pray for him.


A friend who has prostate cancer that spread to his bones. Unable to find good bone marrow and dead cells when they went in for biopsy.


My close friend has been diagnosed with Cancer in his leg. The tumor is still growing even after Chemo. So , now U of M is switching to Radiation for the next 5 weeks followed by surgery. When I talked to him yesterday he told me to pray harder. So I need your help in prayer.


My almost neighbor. An old christian man that reminds me Santa Claus, his smile is big as is heart and I use to go over his house to clean, since he can barely walk. He went to the hospital on April,30 to place a valve in his heart. Today is June, 23th and the doctors say that just a miracle can make him leave that hospital alive. Please pray for the miracle that I have experienced many times in my life and know that is possible for the glory of our Lord and Savior.


Wife is having retinal eye surgery Fri. 6/28. Pray for wisdom & skill for the surgeon and peace for both of us.


Please pray for my wife. I had to take her to the hospital last night for possible bowel obstruction. She was admitted.


The Awana Leader for our grandchildren in New York was in a ATV accident. He has a severe injury to his foot with the possibility that he may lose it. Please pray for this injury and for his family and the children that he ministers too.

UPDATE (6/25): The doctors were able to save his foot. The knee is very damaged and will need further surgery and rehab. But, he is encouraged. They are so thankful for your prayers.


Please pray for my sister's Mother in law. She was in an auto accident(they were stopped and a car going 70 mph hit them in the rear end. She has many injuries. Evaluating and treating is difficult because she is so swollen.

UPDATE: This is an update on my sisters mother-in-law ( in a bad car accident in Texas 9 days ago). She has stabilized enough to try transporting her to Florida near where they live. Still many injuries and not conscious. Please for for wisdom for the family and doctors overseeing her case and for healing.

UPDATE (6/15): This is an update on my sisters mother in law, who was in a vehicle accident that left her with many injuries. They have now moved her closer to home (From Texas to Florida), in a rehab center. Since the move she is doing much better! Praises! She now has a feeding tube in her stomach as opposed to in her nose. The stomach has a valve in it that helps Virginia talk! God is good! She had allot to say and then had her best rest yet! Now each day is better. Still along way go. She has been up with a walker, walked to her room door and vowed to walk one more step everyday! My sisters family thanks you for your prayers and prayers still for recovery, whatever that is! It surprised them that folks that don't know their Mom and wife are praying for her.


My husband are going to marriage counseling.

Agreeing there is a problem and agreeing/trying to make changes, is very difficult.


Please pray for a friend whose daughter passed away this weekend she was only in her twentysomething. Thank you


A good friend of mine was in a bad car accident. She's quadriplegic and they hit her so hard it knocked the braces off her leg and broke it in several places. She's in need of prayer for healing into keep her spirits up. Thank you so much for praying for my friend.

UPDATE: My friend is in ICU with a leg broke in three places and the other knee cap shattered. They have yet to examine her back. The situation is not good but we know God is in control. Please keep her in your prayers.


had surgery last Monday


Prayers for friends of ours. Health problems and many complications in their family. Prayers for the Lord's guidance.


Please pray for my mother, she was admitted last Sunday to the hospital with pneumonia. Through it all her heart is racing and the doctors can not get it to level out. If this last med they put her on does not work. They will transport her tomorrow to Flint to put a Pacemaker in.


Cheryl’s dad is 99 years old he has had a great life and he is in hospice - we are praying that he is comfortable and without pain. Mike’s sister-in-law’s ( Maggie) kidneys have shut down and dialysis is not working. Mike and Cheryl‘s daughter (Jodi) has to have surgery ... she has to get her other ovary removed and she has an abscess attached to the cyst. She will have surgery on Friday.

UPDATE: On Friday, April 6 Cheryl’s father passed away. They are having viewing from 2 to 9 on Tuesday, April 16 and funeral Wednesday, April 17 at 11 AM at Jensen funeral home in Columbiaville. Jody is doing well after surgery still experiencing quite a bit of pain. Please be praying for her recovery.

Mike and Cheryl

My cousin is 23 and is going through his third surgery to take out a part of his brain that courses seizures. He has a bunch of nerves that are tangled and he could lose his sight. I just pray that god leads the doctors hands, my cousin to make it through and have a speedy recovery and for my family to have the strength to get through it. He is so optimistic and believes god will get him through this and so do I!!!

UPDATE: my cousin’s 4th brain surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am. It is roughly a 6hr surgery. Pleasee pray the surgery goes well and helps relieve his seizures. He’s been in the hospital since March 25th and has had thousands of seizures since he’s been there. He is only 23 and he is the strongest person i know!! So please pray for him, his mom and our family to give us all strength as he goes under tomorrow and to guide the doctors hands!!! I know god has a plan for everything and i know he will be there with him!!!

UPDATE: thank you for any and all prayers. My cousin has been out of surgery since this morning and he is doing well just super sleepy. But he has recognized everyone he has seen since the surgery!! Please just still keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery and to hopefully be seizure free or at least get some relief!!! Thank you all again!!


A girl that I went to school with her younger brother is in my brothers grade. He has had his lung collapse twice in the past month-month and a half. He has had a couple surgeries to correct this and he went in today for a check up and his lung is collapsing again. I just want to pray for his family to give them strength to get through this, the doctors to come up with a plan and for him to get better


I need prayer for my daughter, she is a alcoholic but she hasn’t accepted that she is. It has a strong hold on her. She has two children. I also need prayer for my son and his daughter to restore the relationships that they once had.



Please pray for some newly weds I know, the husband had a major seizure and a bad brain bleed. He's not doing very well. He's in a hospital in Colorado. Thank you.

Please pray for a women I know, she must list her father and yesterday she found out she has breast cancer. Thank you


Please pray for strength, courage & healing as we continue to make changes in our lives to be healthy & accommodate the newest medical conditions. Please pray that the change of cardiologist brings positive results and a better understanding of Jim’s heart conditions. Please pray that we can effectively communicate all that is heavy on our hearts with God, each other & the medical personnel that are now so very much a part of our lives. Please pray that God guides the new cardiologist so that Jim gets the best & most positive outcome & can truly begin the healing process & we can return to some form of normalcy.

Jim And Mary

Daughter in law in hospital with fainting spells


* my family:
1. Stir up the hearts of my family for ministry for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, and our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15
2. Pray for God's will, wisdom, discernment, revelation and recognition for me and my family; I ask God for Edmund’s work situation, God's direction for Edmund , Dorothy, Peter, Daniel and Ann (also God's protection over the company where she works),
3. God's order in my work. I ask God for great wisdom at my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.


Our son in law has a bleeding usler,Polips in his esophagus, and bacteria in his stomach. He is in need of serious prayers Thank You


A girl I went to school with is missing from our small hometown of Memphis. She went for a walk and didn't return. They have been searching all night. Prayers for the searchers and for her to be found safely


Had a heart attack on February 19th while visiting a granddaughter in Austin, Texas. Had a triple bypass on February 21st in Austin. Still in the hospital, but is making great improvements! Hopefully, will be released soon. Hoping to be able to fly back to Michigan within a week or so.

UPDATE: Able to return home Tuesday. The flight was exhausting, but happy to be home.


Has to have emergency dialysis today as kidney function keeps dropping

UPDATE: Thanks for all the prayers dialysis is going well I think we start out patient next week please keep praying fo us

UPDATE: back in the hospital sepsis they say in ICU keep us on the prayers

UPDATE: back in er don't know yet what's wrong please keep praying for us


Keep us close in prayer

robert and willie

Baby ILA, who is 2 months old,has biliary atresia. Sounds like doctors are not hopeful that surgery will help but her parents keep praying!!

My friends and I are flying back from Chicago tomorrow morning.


Please pray for my family. We have had a very difficult winter. The home that we are currently living in is falling apart and needs many repairs that we truly cannot afford. The home is a rent to own and is probably going to cost more to fix than it is worth. Recently, one of our pipes split due to the cold weather causing water damage to our floors and walls (the house needs a new roof, sub flooring, flooring, hot water heater and furnace). We discovered that we are responsible for any and all repairs and that the home is not insured (we only acquired renter’s insurance when we moved in several years ago because we didn’t understand the terms of our lease very clearly). Because of all of the issues with the home we think it might be better to walk away from it so we applied for a home loan and are in the process of getting approved, however, there are very few homes on the market that are within our price range. We just aren’t certain on what we should do. I know that nothing is impossible with God and I pray that God will show us His will for our lives and that the right answer will become clear to us.


Please pray for Barb's loved ones. One cousin (age 50) is having seizures, another cousin (age 48) has heart problems, a complication from surgery.

Tony and Barb

Please pray for me. Tests have concluded I have a cancerous lump and tomorrow will be discussing the treatment plan with Dr.s Please pray that the cancer is contained in the already known lump and has not spread anywhere else. Also I am asking for prayers of wisdom to know the nexts steps to take.

UPDATE: Got good results from tests. PRAISE GOD.


My friend’s mom fell last week on the ice in her driveway. She is currently in the hospital with a broken leg and shoulder. She also severed the artery in the back of her knee and the doctors are working to keep her artery functioning. She is in for her third surgery last night as the vein keeps blowing. Please pray for healing. Thank you.


My nephew's baby girl was born today with extra chromosome . She passed away a couple hours after she was born. Please pray for him and his family as they are going through these hard times. He is a pastor and knows the Lord. This still is hard to handle. Thank you.


A friend is facing possible kidney transplant or dialysis will be talking to the doctor .


We have been looking for the perfect home for our family for a while now but unfortunately nothing has worked out. There is one house that we are truly in love with and keeps falling back into our lap but is a little more expensive than we want to take on. Our prayer is if this house is the perfect home our Lord has picked for us it will all work out but if not we just keep praying the perfect one will come soon!

Brandon and amanda

Please pray for God to enter me and to make an intervention in my life quickly. Please ask God to enter me in the future to stop attacks from the enemy. Please pray for me healing as well, I am very sick. I want help from God as I am forced into satanic worship and I want you to pray specifically with faith for God to enter me to bring me to a safe place to live and to find help.Thank you, just a quick prayer request. God bless you. Please also pray for God to enter my friend and to bring him peace and protection.


Please pray for my father who is battling severe anxiety and depression. He has thoughts of suicide and can barely function on his own at this point. I would love some wisdom on how to best help him without making him feel like he is a burden. I also do not live close to him.


Friend traveling Jan

Family member having a heart cath on Feb 4 at 2pm and her dementia is progressing.


A family member is in a continued battle with health issues.

He's losing weight. He eats as much as the nausea/small stomach will permit and then struggles to keep it down. He's also dealing with sciatica and arthritis.