Birth - Kindergarten


The morning begins with playtime with loving volunteers meeting the children's needs.  This allows babies and toddlers time to adjust to their environment while children are being dropped off.



After playtime, developmentally-appropriate, repetitive teaching about the Bible is followed by an age appropriate snack and more playtime and loving care.  The flow of this class is determined by the needs of the babies/toddlers.


After lesson time, for our older toddlers and young children, there is an age appropriate craft based around the Bible Story, and/or a game that relates to the Bible Story. All activities usually pertain to the lesson that they just learned, as a way to repeat the point of the lesson, and keep it fresh in a child’s mind.



Our curriculum communicates four basic truths throughout the year:  

  • God made me and everything around me.

  • God made families special and we need families to live.

  • God made each and everyone of us special and He loves me.

  • God sent Jesus and Jesus wants to be my forever friend.